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“The Noble Way, The Better Way” TM concept means that we focus on our clients need and deliver value added services.

As a Tax Client ”we make you keep more of what you make”. We spend the time requires to reduce your tax bill with the best results in your tax situation.

As a business owner we write up Bookkeeping and structure accounting to lower your taxes, increase your profits and keep your business in the “ Black”. Also give you better financial information to help you make good business decisions. That what makes us better and different from the rest, we give you value added service because that what small business owners need.

YearEnd Pro Service

YearEnd Pro Service is an alternative to regular bookkeeping and tax services. With YearEnd Pro, you simply forward your source information in summary or worksheet to us and we do the rest for you. This includes the option of having Noble Tax & Accounting Practice completes your year end accounting: Tax, payroll and remittance returns, as well as GST/HST at a flat rate. Many small business do not have the volume of work to justify a full time bookkeeper performing these chores as a cost effective solution.

To qualify for this special service you must be self employed with one or no employee.

Important Links

•  www.legalshield.com/hub/russellnoble

Countering legal issues in the Court of Law is quite a tedious affair. It takes a lot of grit and perseverance coupled with a fair amount of wit to come out of these legal matters with flying colors, unscathed. However, even if you have all the grits and the wits of the world to counter those tricky legal situations, you cannot escape the hazards of financial overheads that are associated with them. Hence, it is perhaps wisest to take to guard against any legal proceedings in the first place, rather than facing them. After all, you cannot forget the old saying, “Prevention is better than cure”. This is where the Legal Shield Services makes a formidable difference. People are often harassed by issues pertaining to car & medical insurance, particularly when they do have to deal with hefty legal bills as a result of any mishap. It is mainly to counter these types of uncanny situations that the legal shield services in Canada & USA were created. The privilege provided by this service is quite akin to any other type of insurance that are available in the market though these services have got their own specialties.

Here, the members who avail the service have to pay definite fees on a monthly basis in accordance with the coverage they enjoy. In other words, the amount of fee changes with the nature of coverage. In case of any eventuality, the members can not only have the representation but a considerable proportion of the fees are paid in advance. Hence, the legal shield service can well be termed as prepaid legal services. Now let us come to the nature of coverage that is rolled out to the clients – a fact that makes the service so special.

One of the most pertinent and pragmatic plans that the service rolls out is ostensibly the Family Plan. It costs only $26.00 per month and is equipped to provide coverage that includes issues pertaining to cars, audits, trial issues and IRS.

Besides, it would also cover expenses that are incurred to get pre-emptive legal assistance or for issues relating to creating wills and deeds. The clients can also enjoy a discount of 25% on issues covering those legal areas that are left uncovered in other sects that the services extend to. This is the catch that makes the service absolutely unique and hence so adorable in both USA as well as Canada. The service is also famous for offering lucrative packages that help clients tackle issues pertaining to identity theft, a very disturbing phenomenon that citizens of large cities and towns frequently complain about a lot at present.

Legal Shield Services also provide a golden business opportunity for people as it poses a perfect chance for them to act as freelance representatives. To become one, an individual is required to make a one-time payment of just $249.00, which by no means is a hefty amount. Furthermore, it opens up a door of opportunity for making residual incomes which pay off in the long run. Hence, the services have a dual effect on the society – on one hand, it provides a legal shield that safeguards people’s interest and on the other, it also opens up new avenues of income for them.

Noble Tax Club

Noble Tax Club is a Division of Multi Services Enterprise Inc and encourages constant dialogue between our clients and Personal Tax Advisor. Our clients prosper from a better awareness and an unmatched education, through workshops and other presentation on relevant matters. Being able to go online at any time and forward questions or to pick up the phone and speak with a Personal Tax Advisor is a commodity we feel is essential to our clients success.

Noble Tax Club wants to see home-based, small and medium size business owners succeed by providing expert business, tax and bookkeeping/accounting information. We assist new business owners with their tax planning needs and identify deductions and other tax saving strategies that can help them keep more of their revenue and grow their business.

Noble Tax Club team leader has a wealth of business, tax and bookkeeping/accounting experience over 30 years of advising small and medium size business owners on how to keep most of the business revenue and grow your business. We interpret complicated tax rules and keep our clients informed about the latest tax changes. We provide our clients with valuable strategies for receiving all the deductions they are legally entitled to.

We look forward to our clients advancing in their business and personal goals, and Noble Tax Club is committed to continuing to provide excellent client support so all of our clients' business and tax needs are fulfilled.

Everyone needs to have legal advisor for your business and protection against Identity Theft, this membership is awesome.

To learn more about our tax planning services, contact us today and schedule your free 30 minutes telephone consultation.

Russell A. Noble
40 Baha Crescent
Brampton ON L7A 2J3 , Canada

  • Industry:
  • Accounting
  • Current Organization:
  • Noble Tax and Accounting Practice
  • Type of Organization:
  • Tax and Accounting firm
  • Major Product:
  • Tax/bookkeeping/accounting
  • Area of Distribution:
  • Brampton and GTA
  • Expertise:
  • Small business
  • University/Degree:
  • Certified Public Bookkeeper
  • Title:
  • Founder/CEO
  • Email:
  • thenobleway82@yahoo.ca
  • Website:
  • http://www.nobletaxaccounting.com

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